Kids, Teens & Tweens

So it's a special day for your daughter, son or grandchild? Let's celebrate with healthy choices, real therapy and fun.

Little Face Facial

Kids Facial! Ages 6-12. We take our time with a cleansing facial massage, aromatherapy compresses, a balancing mask, and moisturizer.

30 min - $57

Youth Care Facial

For teens who need more care and deep cleansing. We customize a practical and preventative homecare routine for balanced skin.

90 min - $128

Aroma Rub

This basic Swedish massage session will let pint-sized muscles and bones relax and feel caring touch that soothes the senses.

25 min - $72
* Parent or guardian must be present during treatment.

Rough and Tumble

Having fun Softens kinks and brings balance to over-tense muscles for active kids.

35 min - $79
* Parent or guardian must be present during treatment.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

We do a nice head and scalp masage, then hand exfoliation, warming, and massage for hands and feet with yummy Dr.Hauschka products.

35 min - $77

Pretty Kid

Fingerpainting A light make-up application, including advice on ways to enhance a young face with safe cosmetics.

20 min - $38

Beginning Yoga for Little People

We schedule a Child-Certified yoga teacher to give a private lesson. She introduces your younster to becoming a prezel (well, not really) and how to be happy adn fulfilled on the mat.

35 minutes with a certified child yoga instructor $75

Talk to us about what your darlin’ kid would like – and we’ll create a custom package for him or her!